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The Clean Up After Your - Awareness Campaign. This web site was produced as a local campaign but after a shock influx of support; preparations are being implemented to make this a national campaign.

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June 8th 06. Admitidley, honestly and truthfully i haven't dropped a single hint of an update here since April... sorry! Fellow supporters; bookmarkers of this site... the campaign continues. Yesterday i had the pleasure to meet some of Lincolnshires finest who dare to stick their neck out to do something to care; or like myself attempt to help. I was chosen to present my humble idea of a campaign in front of a panel of judges including my new punk buddy Dr David Bellamy. I am going to add my speech to this site soon (honest) for you to download, adapt and laugh at.

Please continue to email your supportive / abusive suggestions.

a sh... shot from the Lincolnshire Envionmental Awards 2006

April 14th 06. I recently came across a similar campaign from a San Francisco artist who follows the core values of this site. madeyouthink.org is not for the faint of heart. You should also drop by mandolux.com for a change of desktop wallpaper if that inspired you. Finally why not treat your flatulence prone pooch to this...

March 24th 06. This from Silver River Television.


Do you hate dog owners who don’t clean up after their pooch? Are sick of dodging the poo on your streets? Are you taking action? Channel Four are making a documentary about zero tolerance to dog droppings. If you or the people in your area are campaigning against irresponsible dog owners then we want to hear from you.

Please contact Claire on 020 NOW INVALID NUMBER for more information or email claire.nowinvalidemail (at) silverriver.tv

Download and print the A4 CUAY Polite Notice and use sensibly. cleanupafteryour.co.uk is a non-malicious campaign and does not endorse littering.

! March 14th 06. Now this what i call a review - Where the Streets Have No Shame from The Friday Project. Many thanks chaps.

March 6th 06. Headlined in the local press as Dog Mess Web Site Goes Global. PRE ORDER MERCHANDISE BY FOLLOWING THIS LINK. Thank you for your supportive e-mails but please note that e-mail trouble has been afoot after a sudden influx of national support so please... don't expect a fast reply. Thanks for visiting.

! Feb 28th 06. CUAY goes national. The CUAY campaign is reviewed on The Guardian web site as Campaign of the Week.

February 15th 2006. The community web site cleanupafteryour.co.uk goes live. After a few stickers and posters were scattered throughout the village of Barnetby-Le-Wold and the town of Brigg, a sharp influx of local / regional interest is sparked. Bookmark this web site and visit it once in a while; it could turn into a national campaign.

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This campaign was initially created by a concerned resident of Barnetby-Le-Wold in Lincolnshire who wanted to make irresponsible pet/animal owners, litter louts and fly tippers aware of the mess they are leaving behind in our village. After 2 weeks of release this web site has gained regional, national and global support.

Clean Up After Your Horse

Horse Manure Facts

  • A horse can produce nine tonnes of manure each year.
  • Manure from privately kept horses is classed as household waste.
  • Manure from businesses (such as riding schools) is classed as industrial waste. Horse owners have a responsibility to manage the manure that is a byproduct of their industry.
  • Manure should be cleared from fields on a regular basis to help to control parasites and encourage even grazing.
  • The quality of compost made from horse manure varies according to the bedding used by owners; straw is best.
  • To compost your manure, the muck heap should be turned regularly and watered if it appears to be drying out.

Dog Fouling Facts

As well as being hazardous and unsightly, dog mess can be particularly dangerous for children, offensive to wheelchair users and those who are visually impaired. The minimum on-the-spot fines to irresponsible owners is now £100.

  • There are around 7m dogs in the UK.
  • They produce around 1,000 tonnes of excrement every day.
  • It can cause an infection called toxocariasis in humans which can cause blindness, with children especially vulnerable.
  • Allowing your dog to foul a public area is an offence.

Clean Up After Your Mutt

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A Selection of recent comments...

Well done! I live in Gullane and in the past few years that I have been here, I have noticed a shockingly huge increase in the amount of dog poo on pavements, at parks in the the streets and now in the Hawthorn bushes at the beach - poo being thrown whilst still in the bag! It is an absolute disgrace and it is good to know that there are people out there who care about their communities.
E Mwembo, Gullane.

Finally!!! It's really good to see that someone is trying to do something for the community in aim to rid the pavements and kids playing fields of dog mess.
Mr Davies. Resident of Barnetby le Wold, North Lincolnshire.

This should be a national campaign.
Anonymous. Lincolnshire.

It SHOULD be a national campaign, I've trodden in dog * * * * twice in recent weeks and I clean up after my dogs so it's other dirty owners.
John. Somewhere in the UK.

I like your campaign; here in Brigg trying to walk on the footpaths is becoming impossible with the amount of mess.

MAKE IT INTERNATIONAL!!! I leave it where it drops .sh** slip n slide ya know hehehehehe
Mikie Weed. Copiague - NY, USA.

What a fantastic idea... I will certainly revisit the site for information and promotional goods. I am a Community worker on a large housing estate in Greater Manchester, we as all involved here will relate too, are constantly looking at ways to get the message out there about responsible ownership and awareness of theimpact on others as well as the management of the environment, Image and out side perceptions. Well done.
K Reece
Network Development Officer
Brinnington Community First Trust Limited

Brilliant! I was once asked by a passer by if i was embarrassed when people saw me picking up dog poo in public, i told them i would be more embarrassed if someone saw me leaving it behind!.
Mr B Davies. Somewhere in the UK (with a tesco.net email).

this is already international news! i heard about this website from concerned and responsible pet owning friends here in the states. we'd like to implement something like this in our very own community and are working towards it at this very moment. i fully support you and your cause, and i wish you much success.
Scott Miller, Rockford MI. USA.

Washington DC supports your cause! I'm tacking one of those printouts onto my next door neighbors' front door. His dog has a case diarrhea (bless!) with proof on my front lawn weekly.
Jon Wade, Georgetown, Washington DC. USA.

Hey, tell me how do I clean up after a horse if I'm riding it? How do I carry the necessary equipment and how do I manage this on a busy road? Who holds the horse whilst I perform the task, sorry, be realistic.Dogs yes, I totally agree, it\'s much easier.
Mary Josephine Etches, UK

Many thanks for inspiring me to start up a little campaign of my own. Here in Hebden Bridge in West yorkshire, my street is so bad that you need to walk on the road to avoid the dog mess but i'm gaining support and the council have promised to send out dog wardens to keep an eye on the problem. Cheers
Neil Pollock, UK.

Fantastic campaign and website - I will strongly support Clean Up After Your and I hope many other people do too!
Z Harmston, UK.

Admirable work your doing.I have always tried to do my bit as a lifelong dog-owner/breeder to keep our streets free of dog s... hate that 'poo' word (dreamt up by non dog-owning media people!).The satisfaction it gives a responsible owner knowing that the curtain twitchers cannot point the finger at you- quite apart from having clean streets is what motivates me.
P.Healey, UK.

I really support your campaign, and think it is a great idea. As dog owner who picks up the poo EVERY TIME I am amazed at dog owners who gaze determined at the horizon whilst their dog poos at their feet. I\'ve even offered one of my own bags for them, only to be turned down! We need to start something like this here in Australia.
Belinda, Australia.

Great campaign. As a two dog family we do our very best to make sure Charlie and Teddie\'s muck is never left where it is a hazard or mess. I do think the campaign needs to focus on getting Local Authorities to get more poo bins up where dog walkers(DW's) go. One of our favourite walks has plenty of signs up but no bins anywhere! This is a real pain as DW\'s who are less inclined to pick up will not do so if they have to walk for miles with a smelly bag in their hands. Also as todays Guardian article states I know of nobody who has been prosecuted for leaving a mess.
My other big moan is about horrid owners who excersise their dogs on school playing fields and do not clean up. I am a primary school teacher who loves to take the children out on the school field but often needs to spend 1/2 hour checking it is poo free. Any ideas?
best wishes.
Andy Clark, UK.

I read about your campaign in The Guardian today.In our are there is a real problem with dog mess on the pavements leading to our school.Also in a near by park.In my opinion dogs should be banned from playing fields and beaches.I know of one person who lost a leg, after getting injured on a rugby field covered in dog mess.
Jacky Dimech, UK.

As a poo-bag carrying dog owner I fully support your campaign. There is no excuse for fouling public places - dog poo-bags cost pence, can be carried in your pocket and are clean and quick to use.
Rachel from Isle of Wight

i think this is a great site that finally hightlight this problem. it's digusting-if people want to own dogs they should also be responsible for its ****!
m. ahmed, UK.

What really irks me is when I clean up after my dogs, I spot some other poo nearby, its really gross picking up another dogs poo. I don't know why that should be - strange/funny really !
Ben and Rosie, UK.

This site, and the campaign is great!
In addition to cleaning up after dogs and horses though, I'm surprised there is no mention of cleaning up after cats. Don't get me wrong I adore cats but I think it is rude that some owners think it is perfectly ok for their cats to poop in somebody else's garden. My cat uses a litter tray and its easy enough to clean up after.
Rachael, UK.

Fantastic Site - i petitioned my local council to take action four years ago because my local play field was covered in mess - publicity works. We got a mention in the local paper and radio station. well done, keep up the pressure
tom, UK.

Good for you. The dog mess on the streets around where we live is disgusting.
P Brown, UK.

of dog poo
my toes
I know
your dog
must dog s**t
but just
please watch
where it goes
mark shepherd, UK.

Do you have any posters/stickers I can stick on lampposts etc around my house? If not are you going to get some printed off I think it\'s reasonable to charge for these if you do. I have 3 grass verges outside my house and it's dog poop hell! I've always cleaned up after my own dog (gawd bless his paws died 30/9/5) and can\'t understand how people can leave such a disgusting mess! Many local authorities supply dog poop scoops free of charge. So pick up thy poop!
M McGough, UK

I appluade your initiative, as with young kids myself they are not always as observant as us, even if alerted to this problem! I know many responsible owners would gripe, but shouldn't the cost of issuing fines (employing someone) and street cleaners (that we don't have in rural areas!) be funded by the cost of a dog license? Having seen these culprits in action, its also the 50plus brigade that are usually to blame, with the attitude ''we've never had to poop-scoop in the past''!
RG, Caistor area

i blame the owners
big stu, near the kitchen

Well done. I'm getting fed up calling after dog owners to clean their mess up. Too many see it as someone else's responsibility - presumably the council (who would then be reprimanded by the same individuals for overspending on street cleaning no doubt). Dog owners should take more care of our streets.
Paul, Great Grimsby

Dear CUAY Campaign. Greta IDEA I am a loyal dog owner and I always CUA my dog BUT it makes me mad when others dont CUA their dogs and HORSES So keep on at them!! They should be fined!!

as a pet owner myself, i agree that anyone who has a dog should clean up after their own pets.
we live in the crosby area of scunthorpe and around where we live, there are no pet bins for us to put our dog mess in.
Maybe if the council put more doggy bins out and about more people might clean up after their pets.
we have also noticed that pet owners allow their animals to make a mess on pavements where pedestrians have to walk, and neve think to clean up after their animals.

well done we see it all the time at our work place outside in crosby who is going to police this and make an example. thanks.

Hey. Here in Hong Kong, a few years ago we got a new anti-litter law, with a fixed penalty, later upped to $1500 (about £100) for four specified littering offences: dropping stuff, spitting, letting your dog shit on the pavement and er something else.
There was a big advertising push, and it worked. People actually changed their behaviour. You don't get old men spitting on your feet all the time (OK, so this was a local problem of little interest to you) and dog owners carry around newspapers to catch their pets' doings. It looks a really pain in the arse to have to do, but I respect them for it and now the pavements are clean to walk on.

aw the news story on thisisgrimsby and living in the Caistor area, also blighted by dog mess, that our 3 year old stepped in, then got in the car, etc, I thought you may like the extra publicity and thus I e-mail the Market Rasen Mail with your website link.

I also applaud your initiative, as I too hate these errant people with no respect to others! (Included in this are people who go through swing-doors without looking over their shoulder to see who's following!). This would include 'littering, dog mess, and tab ends!'. I'm a non-smoker, as I suffer from asthma at times and once when at the lights in my car, the car to my left tossed a burning cigarette out for it to land on my car's bonnet and get wedged under the wipers! Thus I couldn't knock it off using the wipers, but then I could smell the smoke through my car's ventilation system! I also couldn't stop to take it off, basis that the road that I was on!

The 'lack of respect' also falls into my own remit, as I am trying to establish a road safety scheme in the UK, as I feel many people now cocooned in a car equipped with many safety gadgets are too complacent about their driving standards/ability! 5 years ago now, (although still living with the trauma as it cost me my career and I'm still out of work, but hopefully not for much longer!) I had the misfortune (fully exonerated for the 2 who died here!) to be involved in a serious car smash!

Now back driving again, I feel many others don't exercise their full concentration whilst driving! (This stance is something I feel helped save my own life!). People approach a roundabout, stop, look right, see that its clear, then proceed - thus the person behind seeing that its clear is in danger of shunting them! I get behind many cars, where the driver is obviously looking for something, either inside or outside of their car, but paying no attention to the traffic behind them, who do know what/where they are going!

Rothwell, Nr. Caistor, Lincs.

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